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By Christopher Chen
Directed by Javier Hurtado

In a series of disjointed vignettes of marriage and work-worn love, The Late Wedding travels through space and time (quite literally) to depict the core of what makes a successful partnership and what subtly chips away at its foundation.

Content Advisory: This play includes references to gun violence and drowning. All fur and taxidermy used on stage is faux fur and fabricated taxidermy. 

SEPTEMBER 23–26, 2021
Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theater

A note on COVID Safety: Please know that as an audience member for any of our performances, you will be required to wear a mask. Additional safety requirements may be added at any time at the discretion of Emerson College, the City of Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any prospective ticket buyer with concerns about health safety protocols is encouraged to call our Box Office at 617-824-8400.

The Late Wedding was originally commissioned and produced by Crowded Fire Theater Company, San Francisco, CA, Marissa Wolf, Artistic Director.

The Late Wedding is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.



Production Photos by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo. View full album.
On this page you'll find detailed programmatic information
as well as notes from directors, designers, and the cast
about how our production of THE LATE WEDDING
took shape over the past few months.
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A note from
Javier Hurtado, Director

The relationship between writer and notebook is an intimate one. Blank pages offer the brave space of possibility where anything can happen. The empty notebook is permission to be promiscuous, to vacillate freely between worlds and across genres without pressure to fit into a neatly structured, dramatic arc. It's a place where reflexive prose can share space with half-thoughts and to-do lists because it’s a private space to gather thoughts and make sketches. But what happens then, when a director gets ahold of these disparate portraits and decides "to stage these sketches anyway—in their random, shambolic states." Then you get Christopher Chen's The Late Wedding, a simultaneous meditation on what it means to be in intimate communion with each other in the theatre and beyond.  


Like all other live performances, Emerson Stage productions were halted in March 2020 as the world was asked to embrace distance as an act of care. 559 days later, the pandemic is still with us. Vaccines and strict, careful protocols (like the mask you are wearing, right now as you sit in the audience) have allowed the artists of Emerson Stage to come back together for the first time, to share in the collaborative process of making live theatre. The Late Wedding, a play whose central themes are love and longing is a great way to open the season because, in part, it asks us to examine both the distances that keep us apart and how sometimes distance keeps us together. Knowing that this fun, winking look at love and theatre would invite audiences back to the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre and usher in a season of live performance at Emerson Stage.


Reading the play for the first time, I was struck by the questions Chen asks. The Late Wedding invites the audience to think about its own expectations and challenges the production team to maintain deep-seated humanity on the precipice of so much spectacle. I also believe that this play invites both the audience and the production team to meet (at long last) in the theater to have fun. As the director of this production, I sincerely hope you enjoy this evening’s performance of The Late Wedding.


Thank you for coming, and welcome back to the theater.   


Javier earned an MFA in Writing for Performance from UC Riverside and is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies at Tufts University. Javier is a proud Lambda Literary Fellow in Playwriting, a GLUCK Foundation Theater Fellow, an alumnus of the NALAC Leadership Academy, the Maria Irene Fornés Playwriting Workshop, and the LAByrinth Theatre Company's Summer Intensive Ensemble. His plays have been produced by El Teatro Campesino, BRAVA Theater Center, The National Queer Arts Festival, SOMArts, and AS220. Javier currently serves as the Dramaturg-in-Residence for Teatro Alebrijes in San Jose, California.

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Notes from
the Dramaturg

Our Community On Love, Desire, And Loneliness During The Pandemic

You entered the pandemic in one state of being, and now, you’re likely somewhere else entirely. Maybe the pandemic separated you from your loved ones, or maybe it trapped you together in a pressure cooker. Maybe you began the pandemic in a long-term relationship, and maybe that relationship is over now, for one reason or another. Maybe you pushed yourself through the horrors of online dating, of outdoor picnic dates and rapid tests and chaste elbow bumps in place of kisses. Maybe you discovered something new about your gender or sexuality in isolation, suddenly liberated from the pressures of public performance. Maybe you abandoned the concept of dating altogether, maybe you turned to friends and family for support, or maybe you just marinated in solitude.


Emerson Stage credits: Everybody (Dramaturg), A Stroke of State (Playwright). Emerson College credits: RareWorks Theatre Company's Babel (Producer), Musical Theatre Society's Fun Home (Prop Designer) and Children of Eden (ASM), Kidding Around's Home: A Playmaking Piece (Dramaturg). Upcoming: Emerson Shakespeare Society's Humble Boy (Director). Thank you to Robert for his continued guidance and support, and to my family, Izzy, Li'l Jake, and the skating snacks for the love!


In The Late Wedding, a variety of imagined cultural marriage customs are examined under the lens of tribal anthropology, and many of them may seem, at first glance, to be full of contradiction and rigidity. But told from a distant vantage point and with a desire to shock readers rather than to capture truth, U.S. cultural practices can seem perplexing as well. The Late Wedding showcases how anthropology can be used and misused. Ethnography can be an excellent and broad-reaching methodology for building cultural understanding, empathy, and connection, or, as the fictional Mertos tribe in The Late Wedding could attest, anthropology and ethnography can be applied to the creation of stereotypes and misrepresentation of groups that often cannot represent themselves. The play raises some of the complex ethical dilemmas that surface in the practice of anthropology; but in true metatheatrical fashion, those same predicaments arise in the creation of theatre.

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Meet the
Scenic Designer

MARIA LAIRD, BFA '21 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: 10 Out of 12 (Spot Operator), Corduroy (Scenic Charge), Marisol (Scenic Charge), and Going to California (Scenic Charge). Regional credits: Much Ado About Nothing by The Endangered Species Project (Props Master); Super: the Musical by MET-X @ NYC International Fringe Festival Jr. (Sound Technician); Sister Act by the Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre (Assistant Scenic Designer); and West Side Story by the Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre (Assistant Scenic Designer). Maria is a company member at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

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Meet the 
Costume Designer

MUNROE SHEARER, BFA '23 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: Going To California (Costume Designer) and Corduroy (Asst. Costume Designer). Emerson College credit: 40th EVVY Awards (Co-Wardrobe Coordinator). Thank you to Max, Javier, and all of the DT staff for their help and patience in this undertaking.

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Meet the
Lighting Designer

JORDAN BARNETT,  BFA '21 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: Marisol (Lighting Designer), This Golden Day (VMIX Engineer), Corduroy (Assistant Scenic Designer), Good Breeding (Assistant Scenic Designer), 10 Out of 12 (Assistant Lighting Designer), Arturo Ui (Head Electrician), and Squeaky Fromme Love Song (Head Electrician). Additional credit: Hysteria (Lighting Designer). Thank you to my wonderful LX team Baz, Hannah, Scott, Maddy, Felix, and Miller, as well as my parents Phil and Stacey Barnett.

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Meet the 
Sound Designer

KAI BOHLMAN, BFA '22 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: Marisol (Production Sound Engineer), Everybody (Asst. Sound Designer), and Going to California (Sound Designer). Other credits: Chaffey College Theatres’ Macbeth (Asst. Sound Designer), Love & Information (Co-Sound Designer), As You Like It (Sound Designer), and The Taming of the Shrew (Sound Designer); and Ophelia’s Jump Productions’ Stupid F***ing Bird (Lighting & Projections Designer, Ophelia’s Jump Productions). Upcoming at Emerson Stage: As You Like It (Sound Designer) and Into the Woods (Associate Sound Designer).

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Meet the
Props Lead

SARABETH SPECTOR, BFA '21 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Props Lead), Men on Boats (Scenic Designer), Marisol (Props Lead), New Play Workshop: Mad Moon (Assistant Scenic Designer), and Flora, the Red Menace (Assistant Scenic Designer). Emerson College credits: Rareworks Theatre Company: What Every Girl Should Know (Scenic Designer); EVVY38 (Props Lead).

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Meet the 
Stage Manager

CARTER WHITE, BFA '22 Stage and Production Management

Emerson Stage credits: Going to California (Stage Manager), Marisol (Production Supervisor), The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (1st Assistant Stage Manager), New Play Workshop: Amanuensis, or the Miltons (1st Assistant Stage Manager), and 10 Out of 12 (Associate Production Supervisor). Emerson College credits: Girl in the Machine (Assistant Stage Manager). Semi-frequent producer and on-air host with WECB. I owe everything to the whole and patient love granted by my peers, friends, and family. My path through this art has been unconventional, but worth every step. Kallisti.

Meet the

tlw headshots4.png

LUCAS BABCOCK, BFA '23 Musical Theatre. Emerson Stage credits: Corduroy (Corduroy), New Play Workshop: An Interior of the Artist Without Her Sister (Thoby/Paul). Emerson College credit: Kidding Around's Frog and Toad (Toad). Regional credit: Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts' A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Marcus Lycus). Thanks to family, friends, and professors for all the love!

tlw headshots5.png

ETHAN DENK, BFA '22 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Corduroy (Clown) and Augusta and Noble (Ricardo Wojciechowski). Emerson College credit: Kidding Around's She Kills Monsters (Miles). Thank you to everyone who helped make this show possible; it has been an incredible experience.

tlw headshots7.png

GABRIELLA GONZALEZ, BFA ‘22 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: 10 Out of 12 (Eva) and Fatchley (Bridgitte). Regional credits: New Moon Theatre’s The Wolves (#00) and Theatre Memphis' August Osage: County (Jean). Thank you to mom and dad for all the support and love these past four years and all the years before.


SHANNON HORSEY BFA '22 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Good Breeding (Hera) and Men on Boats (O.G. Howland). Emerson College credit: Emerson Shakespeare Society's Helen (Helen). She is the proud Artistic Director of Mercutio Troupe!

tlw headshots2.png

AJ HUGHSON, BFA '24 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Thanks to my parents for the constant encouragement.

kamara-hawa headshot - Hawa Kamara.PNG

HAWA KAMARA, BFA '23 Musical Theatre. Emerson Stage credits: Men on Boats (Bradley) and Spring Awakening (Martha). Thanks to friends and family for the support!

tlw headshots3.png

JACK MILLER, BFA '22 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Emerson Shakespeare Society’s Eurydice (Orpheus); Mercutio Troupe’s The Painted Handgun (Aaron Ankler/Fats Sleeply); and Musical Theatre Society’s Next to Normal (Henry). Regional credits: Gatehouse Theatre San Francisco’s Heathers (Ensemble). Thanks to my friends, family, and my teachers.


BETSY OGRINC, BFA '21 Theatre Education and Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Good Breeding (Furious Leader) and The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Sheet/The Actor). A huge thanks to the entire cast and crew for making my final Emerson Stage experience so incredible! Mom, I cannot thank you enough for all of the love and support!


AMARÍS RIOS, BFA '24 Musical Theatre. Emerson Stage debut! Other Emerson credits: First Lady Suite (Jacky Kennedy) and Musical Match Game (Mandy Gonzalez). Boston credit: My Mothers Dream (Guadalupe).

tlw headshots.png

OLIVER RIZZO, BFA '22 Theatre Education and Performance (he/him/his). Emerson Stage credit: Amanuensis, Or The Miltons (Thomas). Emerson College credits: Mercutio Troupe's The Painted Handgun (Kirby);  Rareworks Theatre Company's Baby Shower (Baby Gent); and Emerson Shakespeare Society's The Winter's Tale (Hermione).

tlw headshots6.png

KWEZI SHONGWE, BFA '24 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage credit: NewFest Short Works: Fatchly. Emerson College credit: I Was Baked For All of WWIII (Flawless Brown). I would like to thank all of my friends, family, and loved ones who have always believed in me and held my hand throughout my journey.

Meet the 
Artistic and Production Staff

Assistant Director JESSE FULTON

Assistant Scenic Designer BELLA PAGAN
Assistant Costume Designer MAX SEMRAU
Wardrobe Supervisor EMILY GELDERMANN
Associate Lighting Designer BAZ KOUBA 
Assistant Lighting Designer HANNAH FORSBERG
Production Electrician MADDIE HANLEY
Lead Electrician FELIX CLARKE
Assistant Lead Electrician MILLER KOPPAN

Assistant Sound Designer SARAH MILLER
Production Sound Engineer AMANDA RYAN
Assistant Production Sound Engineer SAMUEL KISTHARDT

Assistant Stage Manager MADISON SELBY
2nd Assistant Stage Manager MINA PAZ-LE DRAOULEC
Production Assistant ESTHER CHILSON
Production Supervisor SOPHIE KLOKINIS
Associate Production Supervisor MICHAEL MENOR
Company Manager MAIA TIVONY
Assistant Company Manager BLAKE BERGGREN

Run Crew

Lisa Doubek-Kraft, Francesca Foti, Elijah Goldberg,

Gabriela Hernandez-Hernandez, Bowen Huang, Amelia Lasaine, Athena Parkman, Tiana Pérez-Toro, Lilith Pinkerton, Adelaide Savery, Ava Scanlon, Kathryn Stephan, Sigrid Marie von Tetzchner,

Eleanor Winrow, Kaiyang Zhang, Ethan West

Meet the

Emerson Stage Staff


Artistic Director—Annie G. Levy
General Manager—David Colfer
Production Manager—Timothey Sullivan

Technical Director—Kristin Knutson

Props Director—Ryan Bates

Head Carpenter—Connor Thompson

Costume Shop Supervisor—Richelle Devereaux-Murray

Resident Sound Designer—Elizabeth Cahill

Scenic Painter—Joe Keener

Sound Technician—Steven Deptula

Assistant General Manager—Alix Bigley

Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor—Brian Choinski

Draper/Cutter—Laurie Bramhall

Assistant Properties Manager—Lauren Corcuera


Stage and Production Management—Debra A. Acquavella
Scenic Design—Debra Booth

Scenic Painting—Joe Keener

Costume Design—Chelsea Kerl

Lighting Design—Scott Pinkney

Sound Design—Elizabeth Cahill

Fight/Intimacy—Ted Hewlett

Dramaturgy—Robert Duffley


Emerson Stage Office Assistants— Casper Apodaca, Shannon Horsey, Alex Tawid Di Maggio, Jake Tolentino
Production Management Assistants—Carleigh Allen and Anthony Feola

Videographers—Benjamin Bernard and Jacqueline Thom

Scene Shop Staff— Jonah Barricklo, Sean Dougherty, Marco Giacona, Emerson Hart, Sam Kisthardt, Baz Kouba, Dylan Norris

Paint Shop Assistants—Matthew Baynes and Leah Heath

Scenic Artists/Painters—Emily Curtis, Sofia Goldfarb, Serino Nakayama,
Kimberly Ndegwa, Fernando Rueda, Garrett Traer

Prop Shop Assistant—Delene Beauchamp, Evy Burch, Briana Figarella, Oliver Hawke, Mariel Richardson, Ava Scanlon, Mercedes Suarez

Stitchers—Tayla Dixon, David Estabrooks, Grace Fitzgerald, Emily Geldermann,

Caitlin Johnson, Lorence Jones-Perpich, Dominic Letterii, Justina MacNeil, Molly Shaughnessy, Munroe Shearer, Beatrice Ward

Crafter/Dyer—Madeline Yazel

Laundry Assistants—Aleah Bloom and Angelina Parillo

Stock Attendants—Megan Decker, Jessica Immel, Lucile Lyon

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