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By Kirsten Greenidge
Directed by Timothy Douglas

Baltimore tells the story of Shelby Wilson, a Black resident advisor for a group of first year students at a college in New England. Shelby is focused on rebuilding her résumé after losing her job in the athletics department. But when a racist caricature is drawn on the dorm door of one of her residents, she is forced to reevaluate her naive belief that she lives in a post-racial society, and she must help strive for peace on campus.

We are pleased to invite you to stay after the performances on Thursday and Saturday for a talkback led by various members of the Emerson community and cast members.

OCTOBER 28–31, 2021
Semel Theater
All performances open to the public

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (

A note on COVID Safety: Please know that as an audience member for any of our performances, you will be required to verify your vaccination status and to wear a mask. Additional safety requirements may be added at any time at the discretion of Emerson College, the City of Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any prospective ticket buyer with concerns about health safety protocols is encouraged to call our Box Office at 617-824-8400.

Content Advisory: This play includes references to police aggression, homophobia, racism, internalized racism, and depiction of onstage intimacy (kissing and grabbing). There is a scene that explores memories of aggressions and micro-aggressions using derogatory names including the n-word.⁠


Production Photos by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo. View full album.
On this page you'll find detailed programmatic information
as well as notes from directors, designers, and the cast
about how our production of BALTIMORE
took shape over the past few months.
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A note from
Timothy Douglas, Director


Distinguished Artist in Residence at Emerson. Directed The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui for Emerson Stage, as well as productions for Actors Theatre of Louisville, American Conservatory Theater, Arena Stage, Berkshire Theatre Group, Shakespeare Theatre Company, The Great Theatre of China, Juilliard School, The Kennedy Center, Off-Broadway, Guthrie Theater, Yale Rep, and many others. Upcoming: Champion for Boston Lyric Opera and the world premiere of Something Happened In Our Town for the Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis.

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A note from
the Dramaturg


Baltimore follows a group of college students after a racial incident occurs on their predominantly white campus. Considering the social climate of our community, we wanted to bring this story to life with extreme care and caution, and also a sense of adventure. In one respect, Baltimore asks us to engage deeply with the colonial and capitalistic roots of predominantly white institutions (PWI) and the impact that these roots might have on students of color attending these colleges and universities today. But as we began the rehearsal process, we found that the play also asked us to dig deep into the knowledge and experiences that we carry within ourselves.


Pick one word to describe your character and why:

McKennen Campbell (Dean Hernandez): Compassionate – Dean Hernandez has so many compassionate qualities as someone who comes into this new space. It’s clear that he’s been through a lot, but he still invests and shows care toward others. I find it intriguing that he writes books about identity and history and applies this research to his interactions, conversations, and how he moves through life.

Anaïs Crespin (Rachel): Persistent – Rachel won’t let things get away. She is adamant on doing what’s right, and calling out everyone else’s bullshit. She won’t let things slide, and she will do what she can to make things right.

Carl Kleifgen (Carson): Curious – I think Carson really wants to learn about others even if he thinks the world is “fixed” already; he is also kind of nosey.

Sydnie Cooper (Leigh): Assertive – I think Leigh is strong in her thinking, and has a lot of confidence in what she talks about and herself.

Jasmine Hawkins (Shelby Wilson): Flowering – Shelby is budding and blooming into a better version of herself throughout the show.


Emerson Stage credits: Everybody (Assistant Director), This Golden Day (Understudy), The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Saint Matthew), and Spring Awakening (Assistant Company Manager). Emerson College credits: Kidding Around’s 13: The Musical (Assistant Director); Musical Theatre Society’s Children of Eden (Ensemble); and RareWorks Theatre Company’s Elephant’s Graveyard (Strongman). Thank you Tim for being a great mentor, and to my family, friends, Samara and Madison, and everyone at Emerson who has helped shape me into the person I am today.

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Meet the
Scenic Designer

SARABETH SPECTOR, BFA '21 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: The Late Wedding (Props Lead), Marisol (Props Lead), Men on Boats (Scenic Designer), The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Props Lead), Flora, the Red Menace (Assistant Scenic Designer), and Mad Moon (Assistant Scenic Designer). Emerson College credits: Rareworks Theatre Company’s What Every Girl Should Know (Scenic Designer) and EVVY38 (Props Lead). Sarabeth would like to thank her friends and family for their unwavering support throughout her undergraduate education.

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Meet the 
Costume Designer

MAX SEMRAU, BFA '21 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: Flora, the Red Menace (Second Assistant Costume Designer) and The Late Wedding (Assistant Costume Designer). Other credits: Lil Baby for GQ Magazine (Production Assistant), Future for YOHO!BOY Magazine (Assistant Wardrobe Stylist), Caroline Arapoglou PR (Lead Wardrobe Stylist), Cardi B & Offset for Rolling Stone (Assistant Prop Stylist), InStyle Magazine: Atlanta Creative Class (Assistant Prop Stylist). Thank you, Mom, Dad, Kenzie, Ollie, Bleu, Bixby, Gran, Pop, Nonno, and Nonna for the love and support I receive every day from ATL and for the wonderful opportunities I've had in my education. And a special thank you to my incredible assistant, Trixie Ward, I couldn't have done it without you!

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Meet the
Lighting Designer

JOSIE BUCKON, BFA '22 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: This Golden Day (Lighting Designer), Men On Boats (Production Electrician), The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Assistant Lighting Designer), Augusta and Noble (Assistant Lighting Designer), Mad Moon (Assistant Lead Electrician), and What Remains Hidden (Is Still Known) (Assistant Lighting Designer). Emerson College credits: EVVY40 (Co-Lighting Designer); EVVY39 (Assistant Lighting Designer); EVVY38 (Assistant Lead Electrician); Index Magazine’s Skins (Lighting Designer) and Digital Disco (Lighting Designer). Thank you to the show’s Production Electricians, Grace and Joe, for the pleasure of working together and bringing my design to life! This design could not have come together without the hard work of all of the Electrics Team.

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Meet the 
Sound Designers

MADDIE HANLEY, BFA '23 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: The Late Wedding (Production Electrician), Spring Awakening (Mix Engineer), Interior of the Artist Without Her Sister (Production Sound Engineer), This Golden Day (Co-Production Sound Engineer), Men On Boats (Assistant Production Sound Engineer), and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Assistant Sound Designer). Emerson College credits: Musical Theatre Society’s La Cage Aux Folles (Co-Sound Designer) and Ordinary Days (Sound Designer). Thank you to my family, my roommates, the PSE team, the Emerson Stage sound department, and my amazing co-designer and friend, Juanma. Your support means everything to me.

JUANMA SUÁREZ TEISSIONNIERE, BFA '23 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing (Associate Lighting Designer), Spring Awakening (Production Sound Engineer), Everybody (Assistant Lighting Designer), This Golden Day (Production Sound Engineer/Mix Engineer), The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Assistant Master Electrician), Men on Boats (Production Sound Engineer), Good Breeding (Assistant Lighting Designer), and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Assistant Master Electrician). Thank you to my chosen family and friends here in Boston, y gracias a mi familia hermosa Mami, Papi, JD, y Panda… Los Amo, gracias por simpre creer en mi!

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Meet the
Props Lead

EVY BURCH, BFA '22 Theatre and Performance

Emerson Stage credits: Stupid F##king Bird (Assistant Props Lead) and Marisol (Assistant Props Lead). Emerson College credits: Emerson Shakespeare Society’s The Winter's Tale (Mopsa); Emerson Independent Video's Floor 13 (Production Designer); and Mercutio Troupe's The Trial of Errors (Props Lead). Thank you to everyone in the prop shop, I would be truly lost without you.

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Meet the 
Stage Manager

SARAH BORD, BFA '21 Stage and Production Management

Emerson Stage credits: Lucky Stiff (Production Assistant), NewFest Readings and Shorts (Production Assistant), Flora, the Red Menace (2nd Assistant Stage Manager), Good Breeding (Assistant Production Supervisor), Men on Boats (1st Assistant Stage Manager), This Golden Day (Production Supervisor), Everybody (Production Supervisor), and Going to California (Production Supervisor). Thanks to Mom for answering every phone call, and to Dad for making sure every dream could be pursued.

Meet the

Zion Amparo Headshot

ZION AMPARO (Bryant) BFA '23 Musical Theatre. Emerson Stage debut! Want to thank my momma, Todd, & everyone who has supported, motivated, or inspired me along the way. Seb this one's for you. (& Marco)

Naja Brown Headshot.png

NAJA NICOLE BROWN (Alyssa) BFA '23 Musical Theatre. Emerson Stage credit: This Golden Day (Understudy). Emerson College credit: Kidding Around’s 13: The Musical (Cassie). Thanks to Mom and Shani for your endless support!

McKennen Campbell Headshot.png

McKENNEN CAMPBELL (Dean Hernandez) BFA '23 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Marisol (Dramaturg) and Squeaky Fromme Love Song (Deck Crew). Emerson College credits: Mercutio Troupe's The Trial of Errors (Playwright/Director) and The Painted Handgun (Co-Dramaturg/Music Composer); Musical Theatre Society's Cabaret of Color (Performer). McKennen is also a performing arts senator for the cultural organization, POWER. McKennen would like to share his gratitude to the artists working on this production for collaborating to tell such an enthralling and momentous story.

Sydnie Cooper Headshot.png

SYDNIE COOPER (Leigh) BFA '22 Acting Studio. Emerson Stage credits: The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot (Saint Monica) and Men on Boats (Seneca Howland/ The Bishop). Special Thanks to this talented cast for being very supportive, and hardworking. Thank you to the crew for doing all that you guys did to create this amazing show, and thank you Timothy for allowing us the space to have numerous conversations. Last, thank you to friends and family that support me no matter what I do! Love you all!

Anaïs Crespin Headshot.png

ANAÏS CRESPIN (Rachel) BFA '23 Acting Studio. Emerson Stage credit: Marisol (Woman with Furs). Emerson College credits: Emerson Independent Video’s Three Wild Mangos on A Mountain (Producer) and Man in the Box (News Reporter). Thank you to all of my theatre educators in Singapore for believing in me. Gracias a mama y papa, los amo.

Alyssa Frey Headshot.png

ALYSSA FREY (Fiona) BFA '23 Acting Studio. Emerson Stage credits: Deliberation Room (Cher). Emerson College credits: Mercutio Troupe's When Her Art is No Longer Her Own (Devising Ensemble) and Emerson Channel's 707: A Sitcom (Bailey). Big thanks to Mom, Dad, and Amanda for their unwavering support and to those in my life who push to see a change in the world: you inspire me.

Jasmine Hawkins Headshot.png

JASMINE HAWKINS (Shelby Wilson) BFA '23 Acting Studio. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Flawless Brown's Loud (Actress and Writer) and Emerson Independent Video’s Smoking Jackets (Christine). Thank you to my parents, friends, and faculty for all of your support!

Carl Kleifgen Headshot.png

CARL KLEIFGEN (Carson) BFA '23 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credit: Kidding Around’s 13: The Musical (Archie). Thanks to my mom, dad, sister, and friends for all the love and support.

Isabel Moon Headshot.png

ISABEL MOON (Grace) BFA '23 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Flawless Stage's I Was Baked for All of WWIII (Zander) and Emerson Shakespeare Society's [Enter Messenger] (ensemble). Thanks to A.S.I.A., the SkinTones, and the cheer team for the love and support!

Bishop, H .png

HANNAH BISHOP (Understudy, Grace) BFA '24 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Thank you to Mom, Dad, Andrew, Chloe and Wrigley for the love and support!


CHRISTINE STRONG (Understudy, Fiona) BFA '23 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Newfest Shorts: Kings (Gwen) and Fatchly (ensemble). Emerson College credits: Kidding Around’s Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (Roger/ensemble); Mercutio Troupe’s Together Under Sunshine (ensemble); and Emerson Shakespeare Society’s Much Ado About Nothing (Ursula/Watchman). Upcoming: Full Fathom’s Fefu and her Friends (Christina). Thanks to friends, family, and a wonderful cast and crew.

Meet the 
Artistic and Production Staff

Assistant Director OMAR MARDINI

Vocal Coach VAL MADDEN
Assistant Scenic Designer EVONNE JOHNSON

Assistant Costume Designer TRIXIE WARD
Wardrobe Supervisor
Associate Lighting Designer FELIX CLARKE
Assistant Lighting Designer OLIVER HAWKE
Production Electrician GRACE TUCHMAN
Lead Electrician JOE MORALES
Assistant Lead Electrician LAUREN HODGKINS

Production Sound Engineer BAZ KOUBA
Assistant Production Sound Engineer SARAH MILLER

Assistant Technical Director HARLEY NOVY

Assistant Stage Manager KYLIE BERRY
2nd Assistant Stage Manager JAMIE NICKERSON
Production Assistant HALLE HART

Production Supervisor CARLY ZAMOST
Assistant Production Supervisor DELENE BEAUCHAMP

Associate Company Manager CHANDLER DAVID

Assistant Company Manager MICHAEL MENOR

Run Crew


Meet the

Emerson Stage Staff


Artistic Director—Annie G. Levy
General Manager—David Colfer
Production Manager—Timothey Sullivan

Technical Director—Kristin Knutson

Props Director—Ryan Bates

Costume Shop Supervisor—Richelle Devereaux-Murray

Resident Sound Designer—Elizabeth Cahill

Head Carpenter—Connor Thompson

Scenic Carpenter—John Gill

Scenic Painter—Joe Keener

Sound Technician—Steven Deptula

Assistant General Manager—Alix Bigley

Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor—Brian Choinski

Draper/Cutter—Laurie Bramhall

Assistant Properties Manager—Lauren Corcuera


Stage and Production Management—Debra A. Acquavella
Scenic Design—Debra Booth

Scenic Painting—Joe Keener

Costume Design—Chelsea Kerl

Lighting Design—Scott Pinkney

Sound Design—Elizabeth Cahill

Fight/Intimacy—Ted Hewlett

Dramaturgy—Robert Duffley


Emerson Stage Office Assistants— Casper Apodaca, Shannon Horsey, Alex Tawid Di Maggio, Jake Tolentino
Production Management Assistants—Carleigh Allen and Anthony Feola

Videographers—Benjamin Bernard and Jacqueline Thom

Scene Shop Staff— Jonah Barricklo, Sean Dougherty, Marco Giacona, Emerson Hart, Sam Kisthardt, Baz Kouba, Dylan Norris

Paint Shop Assistants—Matthew Banes and Leah Heath

Scenic Artists/Painters—Emily Curtis, Sofia Goldfarb, Serino Nakayama,
Kimberly Ndegwa, Fernando Rueda, Garrett Traer

Prop Shop Assistant—Delene Beauchamp, Evy Burch, Briana Figarella, Oliver Hawke, Mariel Richardson, Ava Scanlon, Mercedes Suarez

Stitchers—Tayla Dixon, David Estabrooks, Grace Fitzgerald, Emily Geldermann,

Caitlin Johnson, Lorence Jones-Perpich, Dominic Letterii, Justina MacNeil, Molly Shaughnessy, Munroe Shearer, Trixie Ward

Crafter/Dyer—Madeline Yazel

Laundry Assistants—Aleah Bloom and Angelina Parillo

Stock Attendants—Megan Decker, Jessica Immel, Lucile Lyon

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