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By William Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by Eddie DeHais
Staged by Annie G. Levy

In this radically queer version of As You Like It, our main characters—Orlando, Rosalind, and Cedric—run away from home in order to become who they really are. In the Forest of Arden, you’re just as likely to fall in love with someone else as you are to fall in love with yourself, as each character leans into what makes them happiest, whether that’s writing terrible poetry, melancholic monologuing, or epic dance-offs. Rosalind has Orlando woo her under the guise of “curing” him of his love for Rosalind, while they both discover that this flirtation is impossibly tantalizing in itself. Queer love, joy, and acceptance are at the center of this riotous production.

FEBRUARY 17–20, 2022
Semel Theater
All performances open to the public

A note on COVID safety: Please know that as an audience member for any of our performances, you will be required to wear a mask and present your vaccination card before entering the performance space. Additional safety requirements may be added at any time at the discretion of Emerson College, the City of Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any prospective ticket buyer with concerns about health safety protocols is encouraged to call our Box Office at 617-824-8400.


Production Photos by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo. View full album.
On this page you'll find detailed programmatic information
as well as notes from directors, designers, and the cast
about how our production of AS YOU LIKE IT
took shape over the past few months.
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A note from the
Adaptor & Director

This play is queer.

Queerness is not about labels. Anyone—anyone!—who tries to define, box in, or gate-keep others based on some conception or understanding of gender or sexuality is definitely not acting in the spirit of queerness and should be kindly told to fuck off.


Queerness is a space of possibility and discovery. A space of gaps, overlaps, collisions, contradictions, abundances, and questions. Queerness is not white. Queerness is not binary. Queerness is not thin, ableist, aligned with Eurocentric beauty standards, or corporate in any way. The first pride was a direct response to police brutality that was directed at black and brown bodies, at trans folks, at those who weren’t allowed to be themselves in public. To embrace queerness is to honor these ancestors us by living with radical joy and acceptance, and showing up for others who are not allowed to exist in safety as themselves.


Queerness is about community. Together, we build a space where we are allowed to remain fluid and forever changing. Human beings are a process, not a fixed set of characteristics. Community loves us into being. That’s what this play is about: a group of people who are rejected by society, and instead of falling into despair, they thrive by building something new…


However, labels can give us a guide, and they’re important when they help us think more deeply and expansively about how we are telling story in the context of the society in which we live. In my history as a director, I have often cast actors who revealed something new and powerful to me about a character or story. To me, that is true queer casting.


This play should only open doors; not close them. Every role was open to anyone. Queerness was centered in the casting of this play, but actors did not need to identify as queer in order to audition for or be cast in this play. BIPOC actors, TGNC actors, actors with disabilities, neurodivergent folks, no matter what body shape you have or cultural background you are from: all are enthusiastically invited to the Forest of Arden.

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Production Plot

By Michelle “Shell” Garcia, based on the adaptation script note


ACT I paints the oppressive society of the court after Duke Senior was banished to the Forest of Arden by her younger sister Duke Frederick. Under the rule of Frederick, the court is now where all subjects are bound to rigid rules of behavior and expression and to act in a way that is not coded for you can result in your exile or death. Orlando, younger trans brother of the cold hearted Oliver, sets out to wrestle the Duke’s champion wrestler Charles. At the match, he meets Rosalind, daughter of the banished Duke Senior, and the two fall in love at first sight. But after trouble brews more and more, we watch one by one the characters escape to find new beginnings in the Forest of Arden. 

ACT 2 flips to the beautiful Forest of Arden. Now free of the confines of oppression, the characters learn to express themselves more fully in words, music, dance, and presentation. Here, we meet the people of the forest. From Audrey, the saucy shepherdess, the melancholy Jacques, to even Phoebe and her lovesick follower Sylvia. We watch characters fall in love, not only with each other, but with themselves as they learn anything is possible in the forest (including a throuple!). Where in Act 1 we see the spark of joy first kindled, Act 2 allows it to flourish and grow abundantly and exuberantly.

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Meet the 
Adaptor and Director


Eddie DeHais (they/them) is a Franco-American trans director-choreographer who creates explosive, fantastical, transformative work that connects across all boundaries. They are a worlds-creator and world-traveler, crafting plays, operas, and events in the US and internationally to catalyze conversation, connection, and curiosity. Their work is sensorial and deeply empathic. Eddie received their MFA in Directing from Brown University in 2021. Selected theatre directing credits: Death and the Maiden (Pell Chafee Performance Center); Breadcrumbs (Ars Nova); Age of Bees (Theater at Monmouth, Massachusetts); Macbeth, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Import Speech-Memory, We Are Camera (Brown-Trinity Rep); Into the Deeps, BIG BAD, Mad Scientist Cabaret (DangerSwitch!); Sundown at the Devil’s House (Café Nordo); Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine (Annex Theatre). Assistant: Macbeth (Robert O’Hara, Denver Center for the Performing Arts); MARY (May Adrales, Goodman Theatre); Thyestes (JoAnne Akalaitis, Court Theatre); Hunchback (Leslie Danzig, Redmoon Theatre); Marisol (Brian Mertes, Trinity Rep). Selected opera directing credits: Silhouette (Annex Theatre). Assistant: War Requiem (d. Daniel Kramer, Gran Teatre del Licieu, Barcelona, Spain) and Turandot (Daniel Kramer, Grand Théâtre du Genève, Switzerland). Additional credits: Artistic Director, DangerSwitch! (2015-2018, Seattle) and Director of New Works, Café Nordo (2016-2018, Seattle).

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A note from
the Dramaturg

Eddie DeHais opened the December 13th workshop of their adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It by stating that the original Globe Theater neighbored, and competed with, what was known as the Bear Gardens: a place where hundreds of Londoners flocked to watch animals fight to the death. DeHais brought this up to emphasize the point that even though this bear baiting game was loved by many (because what else do you do in Elizabethan times?), Shakespeare’s plays continuously won the attention of the crowd. A theater which could fit 3500 audience members remained packed weekly. This speaks to both the power of the text and of the actors who hold it in its truth, a power that the cast understood that they most surely hold today.

The workshop style mixed the energies of a classroom and summer camp. A place where lessons were learned through open discussions and play. Beginning with having the company bring in different devices of light and sound, the start of collaborative playing began. With different tools such as lava lamps, a violin, flashlights, and even a cat keyboard, the company experimented with the different ways both light and sound can be manipulated, shaped, and used. Discussions of what associations were made led to ideas of how these same concepts could be applied in this production. This sort of group playing is a theme that has threaded throughout the entire workshop experience and into the rehearsal process, thus creating the perfect real life example of “queer joy” that DeHais worked to have in their adaptation.


While subsequently diving intro text work, the workshop's energy transferred into a safe classroom; one where we were able to have candid conversations about the importance of making this show queer and why we need to tell this story now. Queer has been defined as inclusive; a queer world is where everyone (yes everyone) can be seen as equals. The term “queer joy” sprouted from that definition. A queer joy is a joy that can be shared by all and shared abundantly. The multiple identities that the cast embodies speaks to the why now of this production. BIPOC, Trans, Queer, Questioning, etc., this cast is filled with a queer voice that has been silenced so many times before. Together, in combination with the text and the ways they already see themselves in it, the cast launched into the process, trusting themselves and each other to create a show where a queer joy can touch all who come.

BFA '25 Theatre Education and Performance

Emerson Stage debut! Past credits: The Tempest (Assistant Director), Twelfth Night (Olivia), and A Midsummer Night Dream (Puck). She would like to thank the entire company for their hard work and constant support. Would also like to thank her close friends here at Emerson who have encouraged her throughout this entire process. 

Dramaturg's Note
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Meet the
Scenic Designer

EMILY GELDERMANN, BFA '21 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: Marie Antoinette (Costume Designer), Marisol (Scenic Designer) and Amanuensis, or The Miltons (Co-Costume Designer). Emerson College credits: Mercutio Troupe’s All Night: a party in the suburbs (Scenic Designer); The 40th EVVY Awards (Co-Scenic Designer); The 39th EVVY Awards (Stylist); emShakes’ Helen (Costume Designer); Musical Theatre Society’s Children of Eden (Costume Designer); and Kidding Around’s Mermaid Tales (Costume Designer).

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Emerson Stage credits: This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing, Corduroy, and Everybody. Ryan is the Props Director for Emerson Stage and has worked as a props lead and scenic designer throughout New England, including productions at New Repertory Theatre, Bridge Repertory Theatre, The Umbrella, Gloucester Stage Company, InMotion Theatre, Middlebury College, Longwood Players, Off the Grid, Fresh Ink, and many more. Ryan teaches Stagecraft at Emerson and has served on the faculty at Boston University. MFA: Boston University.


Meet the
Props Lead

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Emerson Stage credits: Baltimore (Assistant Costume Designer), Interior of the Artist Without Her Sister (Costume Designer), Marisol (Wardrobe Supervisor), This Golden Day (Assistant Costume Designer), and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor) Emerson College credits: Mercutio Troupe’s The Room In The Attic (Costume Designer) and Hush Hush (Costume Designer); Full Fathom Productions’ Fefu and Her Friends (Costume Designer); The 40th Annual EVVY Awards (Co-Wardrobe Stylist) and The 39th Annual EVVY Awards (Assistant Wardrobe Stylist).

TRIXIE WARD, BFA '23 Theatre Design/Technology

Meet the 
Costume Designer

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Meet the
Lighting Designers

PIPER PHILLIPS, BFA '23 Theatre Design/Techology

Emerson Stage credits: Marie Antoinette (Production Electrician), This Girl...Nothing (Associate Scenic Designer), Spring Awakening (Lead Electrician), and Everybody (vMix Technician). Emerson College credits: Musical Theatre Society’s La Cage Aux Folles (Lighting Designer); The 40th Annual EVVY Awards (Production Electrician); and Mercutio Troupe’s The Trial of Errors (Lighting Designer). Thanks to SP, SM, LH, and electrics!


Broadway: Harvey Fierstein’s Tony Award winning Torch Song Trilogy. Off-Broadway: Vincent, Becoming Dr. Ruth, Majestic Kid, Divine Fire, Nymph Errant and The World is Made of Glass. Regional Theatres: The Guthrie, Denver Center, The Huntington, George Street Playhouse, TheatreVirginia, Olney Theatre. Barrington Stage (named an Associate Artist in 2014), more than 35 productions including American Son, Best of Enemies, Whipping Man and Follies. International: ART and Kiss of the Spider Woman for Singapore Rep, and Concerts for Club Mohamed-Ali in Cairo. Boston: Ulysses on Bottles (IRNE Nomination), Israeli Stage; Comedy of Errors, Commonwealth Shakespeare (Norton Award); Don Giovanni, NEC Opera; Freud’s Last Session for New Rep, and many productions for Emerson Stage. He serves as a Professor of Lighting Design at Emerson.

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Meet the 
Sound Designer,
Music Director, and Composer

KAI BOHLMAN, BFA '22 Theatre Design/Technology

Emerson Stage credits: Marisol (Production Sound Engineer), Everybody (Assistant Sound Designer), Going to California (Sound Designer), and The Late Wedding (Sound Designer). Other credits: Chaffey College Theatres’ Macbeth (Assistant Sound Designer), Love & Information (Co-Sound Designer), As You Like It (Sound Designer), and The Taming of the Shrew (Sound Designer); and Ophelia Jump Productions’ Stupid F##king Bird (Lighting and Projections Designer). Upcoming at Emerson Stage: Into the Woods (Associate Sound Designer).

es website _ 2250 x 900 _ lesser angle_D

Meet the 
Stage Manager

MAIA TIVONY, BFA '22 Stage & Production Management

Emerson Stage credits: 10 out of 12 (2nd Assistant Stage Manager), This Golden Day (1st Assistant Stage Manager), Interior of the Artist Without Her Sister (Stage Manager), Stupid F##king Bird (Assistant Production Supervisor), Spring Awakening (Associate Production Supervisor), The Late Wedding (Company Manager), and This Girl…Nothing (Company Manager). Emerson College credits: RareWorks Theatre Company’s Phoenix (A Box Play) (Assistant Stage Manager); Mercutio Troupe’s All Night: a party in the suburbs (Stage Manager); National Broadcasting Society's Musicians Wanted (Stage Manager); and EVVY40 (Stage Manager). All thanks and love to: mama and aba, this giving cast and creative team, Molly, Casper, Kayla and Susan, and partner oh partner.

Meet the

Ryan Baker.jpg

RYAN BAKER (he/him)—Cedric/Aliena 

BFA '22 Theatre Education and Performance. Emerson Stage credit: 10 Out of 12 (Tim). Regional credits: Wheelock Family Theatre’s Stuart Little (Harry Jamison). Thank you to my Family, Messes, X- Golf, Speridakis, WHSTE, and this immaculate cast.

Alieyah Brown.jpeg

ALIEYAH BROWN (they/them)—Duke Senior

BFA '23 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Men on Boats (Sumner), Marisol (Angel), and This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing (Narrator). Emerson College credits: Flawless Brown’s LOUD (Ensemble), and Stop Kiss (Mrs. Winsley/Nurse); Musical Theatre Society’s Pippin (Berthe); and Musical Theatre Against the Grain’s Musical Match Game (Audra McDonald). Much love to this beautiful cast who has spread such an immense amount of love throughout this process. Thank you to everyone who has come out to party with us.

carter-lauren headshot - Lauren Carter.jpg

LAUREN CARTER (she/her/hers)—Swing

BFA Musical Theatre '24. Select credits: University High School's Our Town (Emily Webb), Cinderella (Ella), and Fiddler on the Roof (Shprintze); and Good Company Player's A Christmas Story: the Musical (Goggles Kid, u/s Schwartz), Into the Woods (Milky White), Hello Dolly!, and Annie. Thank you to everyone who comes and supports this wonderful show.

Harrison Emerling.jpg

HARRISON EMERLING (he/they)—Charles

BFA '22 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage credit: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Bowl/Judge). Emerson College credits: Liftman (Will); The Haunted Hour (Drew); emShake’s 6 Characters in Search of an Author (Leading Man); and Women in Motion’s Look Through the Window (Ed). He’d like to thank his family and friends and everyone in between!

Zachary Fuller.jpeg

ZACH FULLER (he/him/his)—Jaques

BFA '23 Acting. Emerson Stage credit: Interior of the Artist Without Her Sister (George/Roger/Julian). Emerson College credits: Full Fathom Productions’ Fefu and Her Friends (Co-Director); Musical Theatre Society’s Fun Home, Pippin, and Emerson Fights AIDS Miscast Cabaret; emShakes’ Vera; or the Nihilists, and [Enter Messenger]; and Musical Theatre Against the Grain’s Inaugural Cabaret. Love and praise to the company, and mom and dad.

headshot no smile (1) - Alex Goldman.jpg

ALEX GOLDMAN  (he/him/his)— Orlando/Amiens

Understudy BFA '24 Theatre and Performance. Emerson College Credits: emShakes' Romeo and Juliet (Romeo). Lots of love to all my friends, and to my amazing boyfriend.

Loey Jones-Perpich.jpeg

LOEY JONES-PERPICH (she/they)—Duke Frederick

BFA '24 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credit: Musical Theatre Society's First Lady Suite (Lady Bird/Kay Summersby). Other credits: Community Ensemble Theatre's School of Rock (Rosalie Mullins). Thanks to my moms, Walden, 1403, and Matt for all the love.

Dominic Letterii.jpeg

DOM LETTERII (they/them)—LeBeau/LeVaux (Understudy, Cedric) 

BFA '23 Theatre Design/Technology. Emerson Stage acting credit: Everybody (Understudy, Somebodies). Emerson College theatre credits: Musical Theatre Society’s La Cage Aux Folles (Jacob); Kidding Around’s 13! The Musical (Richie) and The Girlie Project (Troupe Member) Thanks to Mom, Dad, Kyle, Claire, Gabby, Austin, Jake and all my friends who I love. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sabrina Mangone.jpg

SABRINA MANGONE (she/her)—Sylvia (Understudy, Rosalind/Duke Senior)

BFA '24 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: emShakes’ Romeo and Juliet (Mercutio) and Mercutio Troupe’s Snatch (Assistant Director). Thank you to this wonderful cast and artistic team for bringing this show to life. Much love to my family, friends, and everyone supporting live theatre during this wacky time.

Grace Martin.jpg

GRACIE MARTIN (she/her/hers)—Amiens (Understudy, Touchstone/Audrey)

BFA '23 Theatre Education and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: emShake's Cymbeline (Co-Director) and Much Ado About Nothing (Ursula); Graduate Project's Antigone (Haimon/Ensemble); and Mercutio Troupe's Together Under the Sunshine (Ensemble). Thank you to all my friends and family for always being my support system.

Brendan Massar.JPG

BRENDAN MASSAR (he/they)—Swing

BFA '22 Musical Theatre. Emerson Stage credits: Good Breeding (Zeus), This Golden Day (Derrick), and Spring Awakening (Adult Men). Emerson College credits: American Idiot (Director), Children of Eden (Adam/Noah), First Date (Gabe), and Heathers: The Musical (JD).  Other favorite stage credits: Les Miserables, Newsies, West Side Story (Tony), and Blood Brothers (Mickey). Brendan is thrilled to be working with such a wonderful group of people! He would like to thank his friends and family for all their love and support.

Margaret McLoughlin.JPG

MARGARET MCLOUGHLIN (she/her/hers) — Phoebe/Lady Denise 

BFA '22 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credit: Interior of Peder and Marie (Marie). Other credits: Rumors (Chris Goreman), Antigone (Antigone), Legally Blonde (Vivienne Kensington), and Romeo and Juliet (Juliet). Film credits: The Society (High School Student) and Manège (Rose). Thank you to the entire cast and crew for this wonderful experience.

Carina Park.jpeg

CARINA PARK (he/him)—Adam 

BFA '23 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Thanks to Shakespeare and friends for the support.

Margaret Sheridan.jpg

MAGGIE SHERIDAN (she/they)—Orlando

BFA '23 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Kidding Around’s She Kills Monsters (Tilly); and Musical Theatre Society’s Ordinary Days and La Cage Aux Folles (Music Director). Many thanks and congratulations to the production and design teams and cast of this show for their incredible work and creative support, and the deepest of love and gratitude to my family and friends.

Angela Valentino.jpeg

ANGELA VALENTINO (she/her) — Audrey

BFA '22 Theatre and Performance. Emerson Stage debut! Emerson College credits: Emerson Dance Company (dancer/choreographer); Musical Theatre Society’s American Idiot (Dance Ensemble); Kidding Around’s Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley (Samantha); and Emerson Independent Video’s Ruth(less) (Sonya Lance). Favorite credits: Macbeth (Weird Sister), Radium Girls (Kathryn Schaub), and Cabaret (Kit Kat Girl/Two Ladies/Dance Captain). All my love to this amazing cast and crew, thank you for frolicking in the forest with me. To all my friends, family, and teachers, Brett, and Mama, thank you for everything, always.

Kandyce Whittingham.jpg

KANDYCE WHITTINGHAM (she/they)—Rosalind/Ganymede

BFA '23 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Everybody (Usher/God/Understanding) and Corduroy (Mother). Emerson College credits: Mercutio Troupe's All Night: a party in the suburbs (Melanie) and Snatch (Isaiah/Emmet/Anita/Izzy); Kidding Around's She Kills Monsters (Kaliope); and RareWorks Theatre Company’s The Clinic (Monette). All the love in the world to the incredible team of artists that made this special production happen, and to my wonderful family and friends who have held me every second of the way, especially Mom, Erin, Ant, and Joe.

Ethan Williams.JPG

ETHAN WILLIAMS (he/him/his)—Oliver

BFA '22 Acting. Emerson Stage credits: Marie Antoinette (Revolutionary), This Golden Day (Understudy), The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Ragg/Dullfeet), Good Breeding (Achilles), and Stupid F##king Bird (Dev). Emerson College credits: Mercutio Troupe's When Her Art Is No Longer Her Own (B); Musical Theatre Society's American Idiot (Will), Children of Eden (Storyteller), and Heathers: The Musical (Ram's Dad). Regional Credits: Apollinaire Theatre's Romeo and Juliet (Mercutio); Unified Theatre Company's Red (Ken); and Richmond Triangle Players' Corpus Christi (Thaddeus) and Slipping (Eli). Thank you to Ethan's friends and family for their support along with everybody who worked to make this show happen.

Olivia Wolff.jpg

OLIVIA WOLFF (she/her/hers)—Touchstone

BFA '22 Acting. Emerson Stage credit: Spring Awakening (Adult Woman Understudy). Emerson College credits: Musical Theatre Society's American Idiot (St. Jimmy) and Children of Eden (Storyteller); and RareWorks Theatre Company's Elephant's Graveyard (Muddy Townsperson). Vice President of Emerson College Acappellics. Many thanks to the cast and crew for all their hard work, and to my friends and family for all their support! Mom, this one's for you.

Meet the 
Artistic and Production Staff

Assistant Director ERIN HUIETT

Assistant Director JOSH O'BRIEN

Assistant Director MICHELLE GARCIA

Assistant Music Directors/Composers ALEX GOLDMAN AND BRENDAN MASSAR

Vocal and Text Coach TOM GIORDANO
Assistant Scenic Designer HARVEY JOHNSON

Paint Charge ALEX MOLLO

Assistant Props Lead AMIRA ALLAWI
Assistant Costume Designer CAITLIN JOHNSON
Wardrobe Supervisor MOLLY SHAUGHNESSY

Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor ATHENA PARKMAN
Associate Lighting Designer SHELBY MARSH
Assistant Lighting Designer LAUREN HODGKINS
Production Electrician BAZ KOUBA
Lead Electrician MILLER KOPPANG

Assistant Lead Electrician HENRY KACIK

Assistant Sound Designer/Composer BELLA PAGAN
Production Sound Engineer MADDIE HANLEY

Assistant Production Sound Engineer BEN RUIGOMEZ

Assistant Technical Director MERCY SUAREZ

Assistant Stage Manager MOLLY BERCUTT
2nd Assistant Stage Manager CASPER APODACA
Production Assistant KAYLA COPPING

Production Assistant SUSAN WEINHARDT
Production Supervisor ELENA RING
Associate Production Supervisor KYLIE BERRY

Assistant Production Supervisor ELISE TUCKWOOD
Company Manager CARLEIGH ALLEN

Assistant Company Manager MADISON SELBY

Run Crew


Meet the

Emerson Stage Staff


Artistic Director—Annie G. Levy
General Manager—David Colfer
Production Manager—Timothey Sullivan

Technical Director—Kristin Knutson

Props Director—Ryan Bates

Costume Shop Supervisor—Richelle Devereaux-Murray

Resident Sound Designer—Elizabeth Cahill

Head Carpenter—Connor Thompson

Scenic Carpenter—Sam Kisthardt

Scenic Painter—Joe Keener

Sound Technician—Steven Deptula

Assistant General Manager—Alix Bigley

Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor—Brian Choinski

Draper/Cutter—Laurie Bramhall

Assistant Properties Manager—Lauren Corcuera


Stage and Production Management—Debra A. Acquavella
Scenic Design—Luciana Stecconi

Scenic Painting—Joe Keener

Costume Design—Chelsea Kerl

Lighting Design—Scott Pinkney

Sound Design—Elizabeth Cahill

Electrics—Mark Fortunato

Fight/Intimacy—Ted Hewlett

Dramaturgy—Marissa Friedman


Emerson Stage Office Assistants— Shannon Horsey, Alex Tawid Di Maggio, Jake Tolentino, Esther Chilson, Karli Fisher, Carly Mentis, Samantha Duggan
Production Management Assistants—Carleigh Allen and Anthony Feola

Videographers—Benjamin Bernard and Jacqueline Thom

Scene Shop Staff— Jonah Barricklo, Sean Dougherty, Marco Giacona, Emerson Hart, Sam Kisthardt, Baz Kouba, Dylan Norris, Mercedes Suarez

Scenic Artists/Painters—Elizabeth Fuire, Sofia Goldfarb, Sophie Hartstein, Yue Hua, Jennifer Naar, Ayaana Nayak, Fernando Rueda, David Staats, Garrett Trae

Paint Shop Assistant—Leah Heath

Stitchers— Tayla Dixon, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Amaya Gonzalez-Mollman, Caitlin Johnson, Lorence Jones-Perpich, Dominic Letterii, Greta Morgan, Amaris Rios, Ava-Sofia Settoon, Munroe Shearer, Molly Shaughnessy, Beatrice Ward

Costume Shop Office Assistant—Zhiyan Jin

Crafter/Dyer—Madeline Yazel

Laundry Assistants—Aleah Bloom and Angelina Parillo

Stock Attendants—Lucile Lyon and Megan Decker

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